Single Use Wipes

Formulated for the following metal surfaces:

Chrome • Stainless Steel • Aluminum
Copper • Brass

RoadWorks Metal Polish & Sealant in a Single Use Wipe...

Each package contains one 8" x 10" wipe.
Perfect for drivers and motorcycle owners with limited space.
Great for doing touch ups when time is at a premium.
Easy tear open packaging.

Cleans, Polishes, & Protects in two easy steps

RoadWorks Metal Polish & Sealant cleans, polishes and seals the metal surface in one application process. Simply apply and remove.

Stays Wet Longer

Traditional metal polishes harden and cake. RoadWorks Metal Polish & Sealant retains its moisture after it hazes. This allows for easier removal, and longer product life than thicker polishes that harden too quickly.

The Finish

RoadWorks's finish outlasts other, competing metal polishes. After applying RoadWorks, the polished surface will have a durable coat of sealant prolonging the life of the finish.

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RoadWorks metal polish and sealant single use wipes

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